Not Just Another Soccer Mom

Computer Professional Turns Soccer Mom

11 February 1967
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(NJASM) Not Just Another Soccer Mom!

I'm a former computer professional who previously worked in the financial district in New York City. I gave it all up to raise two wonderful boys. My oldest now in Kindergarten has just been signed up for soccer and I find myself in a place I never thought I would be. A SOCCER MOM!!!! Well at least I don't own a minivan (at least not yet).

I have started a small home business to help keep myself sane. My tales will probably involve the trials and tribulations that come from raising two very active boys (age 6 years and age 3) and my personal adjustment to temporarily putting my career on hold. I love raising my boys but miss the challenge of working along with having adult conversations!

I now work part-time as a computer consultant from home. I work about 20 hours a week while my boys are at school. I like the split between work and home, but still miss the social interaction that comes from working outside the home. My boys are now 4 and 7. The 7 year old gave up soccer, while the 4 year old has just joined.

The boys are now 6 and 9. I work about 5 hours a day while the boys are at school, still from home.